Speaking of great Franz Ferdinand covers, here’s “All My Friends.”

This is amazing: LCD Soundsystem x Miles Davis Youtube duet (via)


Watch a clip of LCD Soundsystem performing “Dance Yrself Clean” from “Shut Up and Play the Hits” above, and click-through to read Sasha Frere-Jones on the band and their final show and goodbye film: http://nyr.kr/LrsiJS

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"I actually want to write a treatise in defence of pretension," he says. "I think the word pretension has become like the word ironic – just this catch–all term to distance people from interesting experiences and cultural engagement and possible embarrassment. Pretension can lead to other things. You know, the first time I read Gravity’s Rainbow, I did so because I thought it would make me seem cool. That was my original motivation. But now I’ve read it six times, and I find it hilarious and great and I understand it. You can’t be afraid to embarrass yourself sometimes."

James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

Susong pointed me to this 2010 Guardian article (linked from the Grantland blog entry on the LCD Soundsystem documentary) written by Chuck Klosterman around the time when This Is Happening came out. Among the interesting things contained in the article is that James Murphy was offered a writing job on a sitcom in 1992 but turned it down; 10 years later while rummaging through his old things at his parents house he realized it was actually "Seinfeld" that offered him the job.


So this trailer for the upcoming LCD Soundsystem documentary about their last show looks fucking great.

LCD Soundsystem - “All My Friends”

An amazing shot-by-shot Lego remake of the ridiculously awesome song. One of my all-time favorites. (via)


Comparison of bands name checked in the LCD soundsystem song “Loosing My Edge” with those name checked in Pitchfork’s song-by-song LCD soundsystem retrospective.

Le awesome.


Comparison of bands name checked in the LCD soundsystem song “Loosing My Edge” with those name checked in Pitchfork’s song-by-song LCD soundsystem retrospective.

Le awesome.

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Members of Arcade Fire joined LCD Soundsystem on stage for “North American Scum” last night at the final LCD Soundsystem show (for now at least), which took place at Madison Square Garden. I’m really going to miss this band, but hopefully it won’t be too long before James Murphy’s next music project.

In honor of the final week of the band, here’s an essay entitled “Goodbye LCD Soundsystem: James Murphy’s Art of Hopeless Commitment.”

LCD Soundsystem x The Muppets - Fan-made video for “Dance Yrself Clean” (via)

Hadn’t heard about the conspiracy theory myself, but here is the general idea:

There’s a few reasons why the conspiracy theory is taking hold: the obvious financial considerations, of course, but also the fact that Terminal 5 was conveniently not booked in the four days before LCD Soundsystem’s MSG gig. Also, as Salmon puts it, “Bowery Presents, the promoter of these shows, knows full well how many tickets were sold to the MSG show, and when. But they’re not releasing that information, because it’s very much in their interest for everybody to believe that 13,000 tickets sold out in a matter of seconds.” He concludes that the promoters “understood the economics of scarcity all too well — and successfully used it to generate buzz and publicity.”

Vulture’s theory:

Okay, but here’s the thing: LCD Soundsystem does not need a ticketing fiasco to sell out Terminal 5 or MSG for their last shows ever.

And then they go on to say:

Besides, if LCD Soundsystem really wanted to make some fast cash, they would have just sold a song to a car commercial.

Guess that makes sense to me. In the spirit of not being cynical towards my fellow man, I’d will believe this de-bunking that there was no grand conspiracy just to make a quick buck.

LCD Soundsystem - “Pow Pow”

Still my favorite song off This Is Happening. Revel in its (shortened) awesomeness. The band also just released a live in-studio album called The London Sessions on Tuesday. Album cover below (via Pitchfork):