Linkdown: 6/22/11

- The often-rumored Wet Hot American Summer prequel has reared it’s head again, but maybe we shouldn’t get too excited

- More Muppets: interview with co-writer Nick Stoller

- Jon Hamm signs on for three more years of "Mad Men," guaranteeing at least 7 seasons of the show with both Hamm and showrunner Matthew Weiner

- Some of the more wordly items from J. Crew’s “In Good Company” partnership

- A Pitchfork interview with Louis C.K.

Pitchfork: Some of your humor comes from thinking before reasoning— the immediate reaction before logic sets in. That seems like a useful way to handle material that some people might consider offensive.

C.K.: When I say awful things, I think it’s clear to the audience that I just stumbled into a terrible part of my brain. It’s just where my brain goes first. The difference is that I said it out loud. That’s all. It’s just a big excuse to say awful things.┬áBut people know that. They intrinsically trust somebody: He’s just fucking around. People get tired of processing life in a linear way. When you watch my show or my stand-up, you’re opening the top button on your coat and sitting back, but with your brain. When I say vulgar things, it’s usually not to be mean or sexually charged. It’s just a dumb lashing-out in a direction that’s inappropriate.

- Vulture: Girl Talk Gives Vulture His Ideal 154-Track Backyard-Barbecue Mix

- Recommended listen: NPR’s latest All Songs Considered Podcast examines some of the best music of the year through June