Manowar? #brohamas

Manowar? #brohamas

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Bros at the aquarium at the Atlantis #brohamas

Bros at the aquarium at the Atlantis #brohamas

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Here’s a playlist of artists who I discovered at this year’s Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh. Once again, a great time at what I feel is a really well run festival and I can’t wait to go again next year.

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Ryan Adams - My Wrecking Ball



Island | by Argo Argel



Persona | Ingmar Bergman | 1966

La Pointe Courte | Agnès Varda | 1955

Last Year at Marienbad | Alain Resnais | 1961

Southern Hospitality | Ludacris | 2000

Ryan Adams performed “Gimme Something Good” on Letterman last night, and Dave asked him to do an encore.

"I told the label I had a record. Which wasn’t true. But I was taking a lot of amphetamines, so I knew I could write one."

— Ryan Adams, so awesome (source)


The 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival in photos, from adamkissick. (See even more on Flickr!)

Great Hopscotch this year, you guys.


Hear Ryan Adams Play An Unreleased Track, ‘The Door’ and More - on Today’s World Cafe

Ryan Adams just released his new self-titled album. Adams produced the new album himself in his own PAX-AM studio in Los Angeles, and brought the band he worked with (including co-producer Mike Viola) to this extended World Cafe session. They wound up performing a bunch of songs — including the previously unheard “The Door,” which was to appear on Adams’ unreleased “black hole album.”

[LISTEN] Ryan Adams on World Cafe

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"Last night I dreamed about you. What happened in detail I can hardly remember, all I know is that we kept merging into one another. I was you, you were me. Finally you somehow caught fire."

Franz Kafka to Milena Jesenská (via aconversationoncool)

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It’s Miller Tyme



Ian Crouch on Miller Lite’s move back to the old can:

“In the years following ‘Tastes Great, Less Filling,’ Miller Lite burned through several ad agencies and campaigns. A look through the business-news archives finds a recurring theme: Miller Lite, losing ground to competitors, looking to get its mojo back.”


Love this whole conversation but there’s a lot of interesting stuff at the very end of the interview about Love is Hell, which came out 10 years ago.

STEREOGUM: One last thing I wanted to talk about, just because it’s one of my favorites that you’ve done, is that Love Is Hell, the full album release, turned 10 this year. I was wondering where that fell for you in your career, how you look at that record, what you think about it now, all that stuff.

ADAMS: I think it’s great. I think it sucks anybody ever had to buy it as two EPs. I think Lost Highway did that because if they released it as two EPs they didn’t have to pay me for one album. It didn’t have to count as one album. That was, actually, I think their strategy back then. And I think that Demolition didn’t count as a record either because it was a compilation. They were such dicks, dude. I owed them like 8 or 9 records for option, and they weren’t even counting things off. I felt like, musically, I was trapped in some basement of a house. Some country person’s house.

But Love Is Hell, to me, it’s one record, and you can only get it as that now on iTunes. We fixed that. That compromise was shocking to me, that somebody would do that. You know what’s interesting, too, I think that’s a beautiful record and there’s more mystery on that one than I can find in the rest of my catalog, the depth and the mystery are really there. At the time, with my label shitting on me and doing that kind of saboteur thing they were doing, I noticed that people followed suit. Reviews and people followed suit with the way it was being presented. Things are only as cool as you make them. People are going to follow the way you’ve been nurturing the thing you have. If the label’s treating it like it doesn’t matter and it’s crap, people aren’t going to know how to react. I always had the sneaking suspicion that time was going to do justice to some of the work. And it was always going to live its own life and grow up sort of its own way. And it did. I just knew. I didn’t care. I loved it, and if nobody ever gets it … it was the same thing I was doing when I was living in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which was: I was waking up and making music. That was enough for me. It’ll always be enough. It’s enough now.

One last #hopscotch14 Instagram. Leaving Pourhouse, Searchers style. #latergram

One last #hopscotch14 Instagram. Leaving Pourhouse, Searchers style. #latergram

Good vibes at Jamie xx #hopscotch14  (at CAM Raleigh)

Good vibes at Jamie xx #hopscotch14 (at CAM Raleigh)

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